Get the Windows 7 beta product keys for activation

Though Microsoft was supposed to be release Windows 7 beta on Friday, it happened to have been hit by a lot of web traffic which caused the delay for launch. Microsoft added additional servers, increased web traffic cap for Download and products key. Finally, it’s up and working now.

Microsoft is still underestimating the power of web, this is the second time servers had been hit bad. Windows Vista Beta download also caused similar breakdown. Many suggest, Bit Torrent technology should have been used for massive downloads which had been embraced by Nasa, EA and others.

How to get Windows 7 beta Product keys 

  • Step 1: Log onto [] by clicking on "Sign in" in the upper right corner with your Microsoft Passport ID. (i.e.: Hotmail, etc.)
  • Step 2: Copy (don’t CLICK!) one of the links below to the address bar and press Enter.

Windows 7 beta key

Download Windows 7 Beta ISO, will expire on August 1st, 2009
x86 Download Link :…fault.aspx
X64 Download Link :…fault.aspx

Q. What happens after the beta expires (8/1/09)? You will need to upgrade to a newer version of Windows 7 before then (generally the releases go Beta (one or more) -> Release Candidate (one or more) -> Final version).

Q. After the expiration date, can I go back to Vista SP1? There’s no way to uninstall Windows 7, other than to format the hard drive. So if you want to go back to Vista, you’d need to reinstall from scratch. Make sure you back up your data first.

Q. Where can I get a key? (From the Microsoft FAQ) When you download the Beta you’ll be given a product key. Be sure to use the product key to activate the Beta within 30 days, or the Beta’s functionality will be limited. Your product key will work for up to three separate computers, so if you want to install the Windows 7 Beta on another PC, you can re-use the same key.

Q: How do I make it dual-boot with an existing XP installation?
Try at your own risk:

Q: What is the difference between x86 and x64?
x86 is 32-bit and x64 is 64-bit. If you are asking, there’s a good chance you are running x86. You can only upgrade from Windows Vista SP1 x86 to Windows 7 beta x86 and from Windows Vista SP1 x64 to Windows 7 beta x64.

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