Adeona – Free software to track lost or stolen laptops

Adeona Logo Adeona is a free Open Source software for tracking the location of your lost or stolen laptop that does not require any third party service. Adeona system offers reliable location tracking and ensures privacy by restrictions tracking access to non owners.

Adeona Client Application can be installed on laptops, desktop computers and servers. Future versions will support mobile tracking including iPhone. The location-finding component of Adeona includes the following information in its updates every 30 minutes.

  • Internal IP address
  • External IP address
  • Nearby routers
  • Access point
  • Photos (Macs only)

The drawback with Adeona or any similar application is when the clever thief removes the software, reinstalls the OS or doesn’t connect to the Internet.

Download Adeona for Linux, Mac OS X 10.4 or 10.5, Windows XP/Vista

PS : Register your laptop at This website’s database helps the Police to determine the owner of abandoned laptop. You can also register your other important possessions, ranging from bicycles to cameras.

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