How to get Invisible Mode in Gtalk ; google talk, gmail chat

Google Talk can be accessed from various clients. The official Google clients which let Gtalk Logoyou use Gtalk are below. The features vary from client to client.

  • Google Talk  – Windows Software
  • Gadget  – Flash Plugin
  • Labs Edition  – Windows Software
  • Gmail ChatWorks in any browser ( Video chat requires plugin )
  • iPhone version -  Works in Opera, Chrome, Firefox default
  • iGoogle and orkut – Works in any Online browser

The default Google Talk does not support invisible mode. All the other Gtalk clients have invisible mode option. If you’re looking for a Windows Client, then Google Talk Labs Edition is the best option. Google Talk Labs Edition supports Invisible Status, Tabs, Group Chat, notifications from Gmail, Orkut, Calendar.

Download Google TalkLabs Edition

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