Working Hotmail POP3 server settings for iPhone, Blackberry including Windows Live, MSN

Finally, the wait is over for all the people who have been waiting for Microsoft to support MSN Hotmail Logo POP3 for its email services at,, . Previously this was only available for Hotmail Plus members for annual fee. Now, anyone can easily add Hotmail to your Windows Mobile phone, iPhone, or BlackBerry with these settings. Use the below Hotmail POP3 configuration.

POP server: (Port 995)  
POP SSL required? Yes
User name: Your Windows Live ID, for example
Password: The password you usually use to sign in to Hotmail or Windows Live
SMTP server: (Port 25)  
Authentication required? Yes (this matches your POP username and password)
TLS/SSL required? Yes

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6 Responses to “Working Hotmail POP3 server settings for iPhone, Blackberry including Windows Live, MSN”

  1. Thank you SO MUCH for posting this…I have had nothing but problems with my mobile phone and hotmail for 7 months and AT&T has been unable to offe me any useful information.

  2. I entered the info, but it says I don’t have POP access. Is this because I downgraded my msn so as not to pay for both full board msn and comcast?

  3. can someone help. I have an iphone on the meteor network but they don’t support it. are there any settings i can use that i won’t have to change from meteor

  4. i did everything i can think of to enable hotmail on my iphone, i live in canada where hotmail pop3 is supported but somehow it still doesnt work.

    i have read so many posts off so many forums and did exactly the same as people who have hotmail pop3 in CANADA as well but still didnt work for me for some retarted reason.

    if anyone knows anything extra or anybody who might have the slightest idea why hotmail pop3 on my iphone doesnt work.. please tell me. i have been trying to get hotmail for at least 4 months

    i hope someone knows something.


  5. Thanks a ton mate… It worked fine on my Airtel iPhone 3GS… 🙂

  6. Shounak Deshpande Says:

    Hey folks.

    Here’s a working solution I found.

    Simply go to settings on your iphone

    Go to settings, create a new mail account.

    Enter your basic information
    USER NAME or
    YOUR PASSOWRD *******
    Description xyz account

    Now in the next page,

    POP account information
    NAME aosindason
    Address or xyz@
    Description aosidnoasin

    HOST NAME(Incoming mail server) POP3.LIVE.COM
    USERNAME or {specify the email! wont work with just the username!)
    PASSWORD *****

    Out going mail server is
    No need to add username and password here!

    save it- it will ask you wana proceed without ssl? SAy no, then save , save again.

    Then go to outgoing mail server>primary server> SSL ON check port , it must be 587>DONE

    Then go to advanced >incoming settings> SSL ON> server port 995

    That’s it!-
    Your are done!

    Remember key things,
    SSL must be on for both servers, ports as specified above for all and accounts. It must work!

    shounak deshpande

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