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eSnailer website allows you to type a letter to a friend or relative which will be eSnailer Logo printed, put in an envelope, stamped and sent via regular US postal mail free of charge. On the homepage you’ll find an envelope; fill out the address fields and verify them. Next write your letter on the blank page provided. eSnailer will then send your letter with proper US postage. In case you were wondering, It’s supported by ads, so after you write your letter you will be asked to accept one of their free offers. The advertising offers are provided by MyInsiderDeals, a site rated "very spammy" by McAfee SiteAdvisor. From what I know, many users had issues with mail delivery. So, use this service for fun with least used email and user info.

There are some cheap reliable options for several countries like Postful ( US ) , Snail Mail Me ( Canada ), India Post ( India ), Via Post  ( UK ), Pixel Letter ( EU ) and below are some unique services provided.

Postful – provides services like ‘email to snail mail’, Send an email to with the mailing address in the subject line.

Card Store – provides services like sending custom greeting, photo cards to postal address in US.

PC2 Paper – provides services like offering a real UK postal address for incoming post which are scanned and made available to you over the internet in UK.

Earth Class Mail – provides services like offering a real US postal address and scanning all incoming postal mail and making them available online for better management.

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  1. Another UK one:

    currently the cheapest in the UK from 25p per letter

  2. Another option is to send postcards and letters using PostalMethods.

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