Google Sync – Free BlackBerry Backup and Restore Contacts Online Software

Google Sync Logo Google Sync for your BlackBerry is a free service that lets you synchronize the built-in calendar and address book on your BlackBerry with your Google account. Some highlights features you get from this service. Google Sync has been existing for BlackBerry and Symbian S60; if you have a device that supports the open SyncML protocol, Google Sync will work.
  • Get Google Calendar events to your Blackberry 8800, Pearl, Curve, Bold, Storm
  • Synchronize your Gmail contacts
  • Be alerted for upcoming appointments with sound and vibration using your BlackBerry’s native calendar

How to Install Google Sync on BlackberryBlackberry Google Sync Setup

  • Get the application from by visting ‘’ from your Blackberry. Or Give your mobile number here and Google will send you text message with the link.
  • Click the “install now” icon and confirm the download in the prompt.
  • Within few minutes, you’ll see confirmation that installation is done.

Now, just open the Google Sync application on your Blackberry and enter your Google account information and sync.

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5 Responses to “Google Sync – Free BlackBerry Backup and Restore Contacts Online Software”

  1. Thanks for the information. I am trying it. i think it takes some time to get synchronized!

  2. Google Syc recreates duplicate entries.

  3. hi, i am trying google sync using wifi and it says my login failed due to network problems.. i am able to browse using the same userid and password using browser.. any help would be appreciated

  4. Brian McGee Says:

    Garbage. Takes 3-4 minutes to synchronise one change. Creates recurring entries as individual entries. Drains battery hideously.

    Absolute garbage.

  5. Great tip, thanks

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