Best Twitter Software Client for Windows and Mac OS X Download

Twhirl is a social software desktop and best Twitter client, based on the Adobe AIR twhirl logo platform. It connects to multiple Twitter,, Friendfeed and Seesmic accounts, pops up notifications on new tweets, shortens long URLs (using snurl, twurl or, cross-posts updates to Pownce and Jaiku, post images to TwitPic, searches tweets using TweetScan, spell checking, filters timelines, and is localized to English, German, Italian and Spanish. It runs on both Windows (2000/XP/Vista) and Mac OS X.

Download Twirl Latest Version

TweetDeck is an Twitter desktop application based on Adobe AIR platform. It enables TweetDeck Logo users to split their main feed (All Tweets) into topic or group specific columns allowing a broader overview of tweets. All Tweets are saved to a local database. Being database driven TweetDeck allows the user to continue twittering even when offline. Tweets and direct messages are queued and then sent automatically when back online.

 Download TweetDeck Latest Version

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