Auto Reply Online Service for Yahoo Messenger, Gtalk, MSN etc

There might be times when your away from Internet or can’t access your Instant Messenger application, but you’d still want to know your IM buddies know of the reason or reply them. is an online auto answering service your instant messenger which supports MSN, ICQ, AIM, Yahoo, Google talk. Using this free service, you can keep your IM status online and make it automatically answer with your predefined messages. You dont have to be logged into the service once configured, you can just logout or turn off the computer. interface

Just follow the below simple steps to configure.

  • Login to Answer.Im using your IM account details.
  • Setup your online status, automatic answer text and notifications.
  • Logout of this site and yet, it answer messages to you with pre set text.

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  1. Great idea that you posted these helpful tips for us. I will definitely use this when I have trouble with my instant messenger application. Thanks a lot!

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