DoubleVision – Transparent Web Browser for fun at work

How many times have you tried to minimize your existing browser window when Double Vision Logo somebody passes by in office. Almost, everybody has this issue. DoubleVision Browser, based on Internet Explorer, is a small software that lets you do your web browsing inside of other programs, then hide the window with a simple keyboard shortcut.

Some very useful features of DoubleVision

  • Allows you to control the transparency of the browser window and continue to interact with whatever application it’s partially blocking out.
  • Can cut out a specific part of a web page just to keep content you like in browser like video player alone in YouTube, crop out ads in other news sites.

Potential uses of DoubleVision include watching your e-mail inbox or IM window or some Do it yourself video while doing some work. Below is the screenshot of CNN website running inside DoubleVision and in foreground is Microsoft Excel. Download DoubleVision.

Double Vision in action

Ghostzilla, is similar Browser which works on Mozilla. This Browser works inside any application like Outlook. Note this hasn’t been updated since 2002. Download Ghostzilla.

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