– Email any web page to any one.

The ‘Send Page by E-Mail’ feature in Internet Explorer or ‘Send Link’ feature in Firefox does not work properly and even the page might not be existent after the link is sent. is a new web service that allows sending any web page to any one. Some very useful features of this service are.

  • It sends out an copy of the archive web page, so your friend will see the same exact copy you have seen and helps even when the original page is not existent.
  • All scripts and dynamic elements of a web page is stripped out. This protects your recipients from popups and other annoying activity that may be malicious.
  • Your Google Account can be used and no signup is required.
  • Nothing to download or install. Just copy & paste the full web page address and click email web page.
  • For easy usage, you can either add a button to Internet Explorer or a Firefox add-on.

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