IMCrypto – Secure Yahoo Messenger , ICQ conversations

IMCrypto Logo IMCrypto is a software to establish secure instant messenger conversations across ICQ 6.0, YahooIM 8.x, YahooIM 9.x. This makes it impossible for hackers to read or intercept the message in between. This can be especially useful when chatting on a public wifi where some hackers can sniff the conversations. This application uses same RSA asymmetric cryptography algorithm used by Gmail.

IMCrypto Free version has all the necessary functions to establish secure conversation, but you can use it to communicate only with one person at a time and you can use it only with one IM client you choose during the installation. A Pro version is available for chatting with multiple contacts. Note: To establish secure conversation both interlocutors must have IMCrypto installed. This works on Windows 2000, Windows XP Home/Professional, Windows Vista 32 bit. Download ImCrypto

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