F.lux – Software based kinda Anti Glare Screen for your monitor

f.lux logoF.lux is a tiny application for Windows, MAC and Linux that makes your computer’s screen lighting adapt to the time of day by automatically adjusting the color of your screen and warming it up according to the type of light you’re using and the time of day/night, or transitions from office florescent to home tungsten.

Once installed, you will need to key in your latitude coordinates or zip code. It automatically adjusts your computer’s lighting according to the time of day. It also provides you with an option to adjust your computer lighting for day and night from halogen, fluorescent to daylight.

f.lux settings

f.lux is not designed for use during advanced color work. You may even disable f.lux for one hour if you are doing any color-sensitive work.

f.lux makes your computer screen look like the room you’re in, all the time. I tried turning it off once and was surprised by the unsightly blue glare. Really, it’s great for laptops when you’re always turning the brightness down.

 Download F.lux here.

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