Google Ads will be more Interesting with Behavioral Targeting

With the technology from DoubleClick’s acquisition, Google has launched “interest-based advertising,” which will display ads based on the user’s previous searches and page views stored. This will running in beta for sometime and will be open to all. This can be very useful for some users as they can see very relevant ads they want. See video for more info.

Google Privacy : Interest-based-advertising

If you are a user who shares concerns about privacy, follow below instructions to opt-out of this. 

  • You can regularly keep deleting your cookies after your browsing session.
  • You IE8 InPrivate mode, Google Chrome InCognito Mode or Firefox privacy mode to not save any cookies.
  • You can use Google’s Ad Preferences tool to take certain behaviors and interests out of its targeting.
  • You can also opt out of targeted ads altogether, although these preferences will be lost if you regularly delete your cookies.

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One Response to “Google Ads will be more Interesting with Behavioral Targeting”

  1. What’s great is that consumers have choices — those that prefer more relevant advertising have no issue, and those who prefer not to be tracked can use the tools you mention, plus this one:

    This one opts you out of dozens of ad network tracking (including all of the big ones) with just one click.

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