Download Internet Explorer 8 IE8 Final Standalone Offline Installer

Internet Explorer 8 Logo Microsoft Internet Explorer 8 is faster, easier, and safer than previous versions and is also web standards compliant. Some very new and useful features of IE8

  • InPrivate Browsing – Browse the web without saving your history.
  • Accelerators – let you map directions, translate words, email and more in just few clicks.
  • Web Slices – let you keep up with frequently updated sites directly from the new Favorites Bar.
  • Automatic Crash Recovery – let you restore all the open windows after a crash
  • Search smarter with detailed suggestions from your favorite search providers and browsing history.
  • New security features help to protect you against deceptive and malicious websites which can compromise your data, privacy and identity.

Below are Standalone Direct links to download IE8 Installer for

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20 Responses to “Download Internet Explorer 8 IE8 Final Standalone Offline Installer”

  1. try to test

  2. it’ a good call and helpfull

  3. Direct Link,Get it,enjoy Speedy IE8

  4. nice……………..

  5. I heard that this one is fastest.That s why I m downloading this.

  6. It’s fast and secure. I’m downloading it…

  7. I’m downloading this to test my sites in. Although I still choose Firefox over IE8 any day.

    IE8 actually has a lot of bugs in it, the kind of bugs where it directly affects the way pages are displayed. Not a good sign, which is why I’m testing for it. The IE dev team is just too messed up.

  8. in the best internet browser

  9. I dont think this is any hwo good to download a internet explorer version of 16+ mb while this will hang up your pc in use as it always does microsoft will have to work over this bug of internet explorer..

    Better go for firefox instead of internet explorer small handy compact easy fast easily modified to any of your requirement good addons

    Cheer up for firefox

  10. what happens if i use vista 64-bit? while it install both

  11. better than IE 5 or 6.but no compare with FF or opera.

  12. KARAN KALSI Says:

    all is well

  13. it is very useful

  14. Verry good for professional work. Because sometime, other browser may not work properly.

  15. Excellent Browser OK

  16. very good, better than previous version,,

  17. vaise he download kar raha hun………..!!

  18. I can’t install IE8 on my computer, it said failed to download, so I update my OS windows, but still can not install IE 8.

    Any IE version beside on your url in your post ?

  19. thank

  20. Not the Full stand alone version… If you do not have access to the Internet forget about it… This version will not install.

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