Uninstall Flash player completely and reinstall to fix all issues

Adobe Flash logo Now a days, flash is used everywhere including video sites like YouTube, Instant Messengers like Yahoo, Windows Live and even other offline applications. Due to continuous updates to Flash player and different requirements by different browsers, we end up installing several times. This causes a lot of issues like videos not being played, unable to initialize apps and many others. One easy solution to fix these issues is to uninstall flash player completely and reinstall the latest version to fix these issues.

Instead of uninstalling flash player from Add/Remove Programs in Control Panel, Use the official uninstaller provided by Adobe. Before running the uninstaller, make sure all  web browsers and also instant messengers are closed. There are four versions of Adobe Flash Player uninstaller, each designed for the appropriate operating system.

  • Windows: uninstall_flash_player.exe
  • Mac OS X, version 10.3 and above: uninstall_flash_player_osx.dmg
  • Mac OS X, version 10.2 and below: uninstall_flash_player_osx_10.2.dmg
  • Mac OS 8.x, 9.x: uninstall_flash_player.hqx
  • Once you’ve finished uninstalling Adobe Flash Player, now download the latest version of Flash Player from the link  http://get.adobe.com/flashplayer/

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