Disable Most Annoying ‘Navigation’ or ‘Click’ Sound in Windows

Windows has sound schemas with different sounds for each event like system startup, shutdown, errors and many others. These sounds are useful for alerting important things like waiting for user input, any error etc. If you don’t need any extra sound alert, as you can see most on screen, you can always change to ‘No Sounds’.

The most annoying is ‘Navigation click’ sound that Windows plays whenever you navigate your way around Windows Explorer or Internet Explorer. You can very easily disable it or even eliminate it completely using below steps.

  • Go to the Sounds and Audio devices in Control Panel, or type Sound into the search box.
  • Click the Sounds tab and then browse down in the list to "Start Navigation"
  • You’ll see that the dropdown box has "Windows Navigation Start.wav" selected. Change this to (None) at the top of the list.

Windows Vista Sounds

The above change is temporary and sound comes back when ever Sounds are changed. You’ll need to delete the wave file to remove the sound completely. Run the below commands from command prompt ‘cmd’ from run box

TAKEOWN /f "%SystemRoot%\Media\Windows Navigation Start.wav" /a
CACLS "%SystemRoot%\Media\Windows Navigation Start.wav" /E /G Administrators:F
DEL /Q "%SystemRoot%\Media\Windows Navigation Start.wav"

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