Delete all temporary files in Windows Vista, XP

CCleaner (CrapCleaner) is my favorite free PC housekeeping application with lot of features. In the same lines, Cleano is a free light weight Windows application that helps you keep your hard drive clean by deleting your temp files, run history, Internet explorer files, and other data. Cleano is very easy to use and portable application ( 177 kb ) which can be carried anywhere on USB and requires no installation.Cleano delete temporary files

Here are some key features of "Cleano"
· Clean all chosens on login
· Clean User’s Temp.
· Clean User’s Recent Items.
· Clean User’s Internet Explorer.
· Clean User’s Desktop Run History.
· Clean Windows Prefetch files.
· Clean Windows temp.
· Clean User’s Coustom folders
· Clean User’s NetHood Items.

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