Download Free Official Skype App for iPhone, Blackberry, iPod Touch

Finally, Skype launched the Official Skype App for iPhone, iPod Touch and Blackberry. Voice Calling over this app only works when it’s connected to Wi-Fi network and not 3G while messaging works with WiFi as well as 3G. The best thing about Skype is it offers free calls to toll free numbers to US numbers.

Some features of Official Skype App for iPhone

  • Screens are well organized like any other iPhone App and use the iPhone’s inbuilt Address book to call and sort your contacts alphabetically
  • Ablility to chat with other Skype users and talk free to other Skype users using VoIP and an inexpensive per-minute fee to landlines.
  • During a call, you can mute the line, go on hold, or put the call on speakerphone.
  • Able to join conferences via Skype

Some features which will be included in future versions.

  • SMS
  • Setting up a conference calling group
  • Purchasing SkypeOut credit directly
  • Able to field a second incoming Skype call
  • File transferring
  • Getting Skype voicemail native

iPod Touch users will need earphones with an embedded mic to talk.

For iPhone and iPod Touch this is available from iTunes App Store some time tomorrow. Download Skype from App Store here.

A version for BlackBerry will be released as well in May.The unofficial Skype apps that supported Skype Calling are TruPhone, Fring and Nimbuzz .

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