April Fools Day Online – What You Read Is Not What You Trust

Trying to separate fact from fiction gets harder each year and this year with the rise of web sites and audience in different demographics, foolery appeared on the web very earlier then expected. There are some pranks which can turn out to be innovative ideas to implement.

Warner Bros acquiring The Pirate Bay for $13 Billion to save Hollywood Movie Studio – This almost got me reading TF 31st Midnight 😉

The Pirate Bay’s homepage has below logo which links to torrent for contract between.

Warner Bros Buy Pirate Bay  


There were many who thought Gmail Paper was real last year. Some of the pranks from Google this year.

  • Virgle (see also Larry and Sergey’s video), the first human colony on Mars
  • gDay, which lets you search content on the internet before it is created
  • Google Wake Up Kit, a system that sends increasingly annoying alerts (SMS, water bucket, bed-flipping device) to wake you up.

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