How to download all photos in Facebook Albums

Facebook Photo Album Downloader aka FacePAD is a Firefox extension that lets you download an entire Facebook photo album in one click. The user interface is extremely friendly and anyone can use with ease. Facebook Photo Album Downloader

To download photos from the an album, right-click on the name/link of a facebook album and click the ‘Download Album with FacePAD’ option. A JavaScript pop-up will appear telling you to wait a moment while it initiates the download process. All the photos in the Facebook album will be downloaded in the default Firefox download directory.

This works on Firefox 1.5 – 3.6a1pre and it is continuously updated to support new releases. Download from here.

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2 Responses to “How to download all photos in Facebook Albums”

  1. Aah that’s really handy! Especially since people have albums of me all over the place but I have nothing myself!

  2. Akashiya Moka Says:

    I need something for CHROME, i can0t use FireFox becuase if i do my computer goes directly to garbage, ther’s anything similar that it really works for CHROME?

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