Download Trillian Astra beta Free

Trillian Astra Logo Trillian Astra is a chat client compatible with various IM and social networks. It can connect to almost any IM network like Yahoo Messenger, Windows Live, Gtalk, Jabber, AIM, IRC, Skype, Facebook, Twitter and supports voice and webcam support. Find more about the features here.

Becoming a beta tester for this product is the best way to download and use the software. They are accepting everyone who applies and instantly sending out keys to all in seconds. Beta Sign Up with Trillian Astra at

This will override the existing copy of Trillian, so specify to install this onto a separate location like \program files\Trillian_Astra. This way, you can use both the versions.

Pidgin and Digsby are other free applications which can connect to multiple IM networks and they even plugins being developed for sites like facebook.

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  1. Digsby isn’t Open Source…

  2. oops!! good catch @caschy. Thanks. I’ve corrected that.

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