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I previously mentioned about iPhone PC Suite, a Chinese standalone application to sync Windows PC and iPhone. Well, they have updated and the current version does much more. It does things like create/delete playlists, manage SMS messages, phone call lists, appointments, play music/video off your iPhone on the PC, copy movies from PC to iPhone, manage photos, manage apps, etc. This is perfect for easy synchronisation of the data and iPhone management. This works on Windows XP, Vista. Download here.

How to setup and run iPhone PC Suite

  • This requires your iPhone/ iPod Touch to be jail broken in order for it to work.
  • It comes in a self extracting package and hence you don’t need to install it, just extract and run the ‘iPhone PC Suite.exe’.
  • When you’ll run it for the first time it will prompt you to install ‘phone daemon’ on your iPhone. Just click ok and restart your iPhone.
  • This doesn’t support iPhone 2.2.1 firmware yet.
  • You can look for future updates by going to the start button of the program and selecting ‘Check update’.

iPhone PC Suite

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