Sync iPod / iPhone with Windows Media Player

If you tried to sync your iPod / iPhone with Windows Media Player, it wouldn’t happen. Apple only allows syncing it’s devices with iTunes Software. But using the commercial plugin ‘MGTEK dopisp’ Windows Media Player lets you sync your MP3 music to your iPod/iPhone directly from within WMP without any external interface. Some highlight features

  • Supports two way syncing MP3 audio and MPEG-4 video
  • Support for full MP3 tags syncing
  • Support for playlists and album art.
  • Support for two way sync of ratings and play-counts.

MGTEK dopisp interface

MGTEK dopisp currently supports all Apple iPod and Apple iPhone 1G except iPhone/iPod touch with firmware 2.x. And this requires Windows Media Player 10 or Windows Media Player 11.  Download the 30 day trial from ; If you like this after 30 days, can buy it for US$19.95.

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4 Responses to “Sync iPod / iPhone with Windows Media Player”

  1. Lawrence J. Sylvain Says:

    I got an iPOD for Christmas from our son. I had not bought one myself because I hate DRM and do not want to be foreced to use a particular product (iTunes) to use a device that I bought and own. It’s *MY* iPOD, and I can do with it as I like. Just imagine if Microsoft tried to make everyone only run Windows on computers? We’d all be up in arms because they are *our* computers, right? So while I loved the iPOD I wasn’t about to give in to Apple’s bullying tactics and be made to use specific software for my MP3 player (which happens to be an iPOD).

    Anyway, I’ve been using MGTek’s product for a few months now. I love being able to sync using Windows Media Player instead of iTunes. I can download music in MP3 and Windows Media Audio (WMA) formats without concern. When I synchronize the iPOD all WMA files are automatically converted to MP3 as they are written to the iPOD! Pretty cool!!

    As I said, I hate DRM and anything to do with it. Just as with my MP3 player, If I buy the music the copy I buy is *mine* – just like it always has been when I bought CDs, tapes and LPs or whatever. I only listen on my devices and do not give the music away to my 500 closest friends, which is what Apple seems worried that I will do. To have to live by rule that I am presumed a thief and not even get a chance to prove I am not is just plain wrong.

    So go for MGTek’s product. It’s awesome! I purchased a license that allows me to install their product on any computer in my home for a little more than twice the cost of a single computer license. That’s cool, too!

  2. the above post totally sounds like the creator of the software spamming…

    be ware.

    and if you must, dont bother buying it, just download it off a torrent site 😛

  3. Top notch!

    iTunes is a pig. Its my iPhone/iPod and I should be able to choose the software I sync it to and not be locked into iTunes which runs 2-3 background services even when I’m not actively USING iTunes. The iTunes store has become unbrowseable and cluttered.

    It’s amazing to me that apple gets away with this sort of crap – locking you into apple products through intentional technical restriction – and is still praised in spite of this near universally accepted sin.

    Anyone not obsessed with kissing Apple’s butt demands the decoupling of device, software and service. Being locked into Apple makes you their b*tch… should they increase their price you are stuck with paying it rather than find another provider or your iPod is an expensive paperweight.

    My device (iPhone/iPod) should not be locked into any single media player (iTunes) and my media player should not be locked into any single media provider (iTunes store). If you buy anything Apple, you are virtually always stuck with ALL Apple.

    WAKE UP Apple nazis.

  4. I just got my iphone and i was able to get the program and download my music, it didnt let me choose what i wanted on there it just downloaded everything i had, and when i try to stop it and put in specifs it again starts downloading all of my music. But what i really want to know where it is putting all this music because It says the songs are on my phone but i cant find them anywhere. plz help

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