How to upgrade from Windows 7 Beta to Windows RC

Many people with existing installations of Windows 7 beta don’t want to erase and do a new installation of Windows 7 RC. It would be nice option to upgrade to Windows RC, but Microsoft limits upgrades over any build earlier than 7077 to prevent unnecessary troubleshooting any of beta-over-beta issues.

Workaround to upgrade from Original Windows Beta 7000 build to Windows RC

  • Copying the entire contents of the Windows 7 DVD to a local folder.
  • In the Copied dump, Open the Sources subfolder and then open the file Cversion.ini in a text editor like Notepad. Windows 7 upgrade
  • Change the MinClient value (highlighted in yellow) to 7000 and save the file in the same location with the same name.
  • You can now run Setup from copied location without being bothered by the version check.

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  1. […] So the RC version of Windows 7 is now publically available for everybody to download and try the awesome new look, feel and usability on a windows operating system but unfortunately if you are like me using the Windows 7 since the first beta was released, or using a later version, Microsoft don’t allow to simply upgrade your installation to the RC version. You only have the option to do a fresh install but as expected like many other things your earlier copy of Windows 7 can be upgraded to RC with the help of a workaround as posted on Web-I-See. […]

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