Some FAQ about Windows 7 RC – Expiration, Upgrade, Hacks, Install

Windows 7 logoWhen does the RC expire? 
The RC will expire June 1, 2010, and the bi-hourly shutdowns will begin on March 1, 2010.

What happens after the RC expires?
To avoid any interruptions, you’ll need to rebuild your test machine using a valid version of Windows before the software expires and reinstall all your programs and data. (Learn more about installing Windows.

Is there any future Windows 7 RC2 release?
As per the Windows 7 Team Blog, Microsoft has no plans for RC2. Next is release to manufacturing (RTM) and retail editions.

Does my Current system configuration support loading Windows 7?
Windows 7 works with 1GHz processor (32- or 64-bit), 1GB of main memory, 16GB of available disk space, Support for DX9 graphics with 128MB of memory (for the Aero interface), A DVD-R/W driv . Most the systems now have this configuration.

Can I upgrade from the beta release to the RC, or from RC to Final?
When you install the final version of Windows 7, you’ll need to do a clean installation. So plan on backing up your data then reinstalling your applications and restoring your data. NOTE: Sure there is a workaround to upgrade RC, but its strongly recommended you do a clean install unless you want a broken system.

Where can I get an antivirus program that works on Windows 7? 
Howtogeek lists a number of antivirus applications here. Free programs like Comodo AntiVirus, AVG, AVAST are some good options.

Where can I get and Install other Windows 7 versions on maybe netbook?
Read my earlier post Unlock Extra Editions from Windows 7 Ultimate RC

Can I upgrade from Windows 7 Beta to Windows 7 RC?
Though its not recommended. If you wish read How to upgrade from Windows 7 Beta to Windows RC

I still have some programs that require XP; Does Windows 7 support them?
Windows 7 has Windows XP Mode that lets use many older Windows XP productivity programs. Learn more and download.

Can i test Windows 7 without actually installing as another OS?
Yes. Using VirtualBox and Windows Virtual PC, you can install within your current OS without any issues and run it to test.

Can I install from a USB drive?
Yes. Read the instructions from here.

Will I get a free copy of Windows 7 once it’s released for volunteering to test the Windows 7 RC?
Sorry, no.

Where can I get the legal product key for Windows 7 RC?
Go to this Win7 site , and Select 32bit or 64bit and Download and that would give you the key.

Where Can I get the direct links to download Windows 7 RC 32bit and 64bit?
Direct Download links to paste in browser. Replace hxxp with http.
– hxxp://  – (32bit) 
– hxxp:// – (64bit)

URLS for pasting in Download managers
hxxp:// (32-bit)
hxxp:// (64-bit)

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