Unlock Extra Editions from Windows 7 Ultimate RC

The Windows 7 RC ISO image available for download from MSDN, TechNet, and Microsoft’s public download site contains Windows 7 Ultimate edition only. If you’re evaluating the OS to see how it fits in your home or office, you might want to try another, less expensive edition to see whether its mix of features is acceptable.

To unlock those other editions,Windows 7 versions

  • Copy the files from the Windows 7 DVD to a local folder.
  • Open the Sources folder, find the file Ei.cfg, and delete it.
  • You can now run Setup from the folder you just modified.
  • Be sure not to enter a product key when prompted (your beta product key is good only for Ultimate edition) and choose the edition you want to install when prompted. [ via ZDnet ]

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One Response to “Unlock Extra Editions from Windows 7 Ultimate RC”

  1. Thanks for the Ei.cfg tip. I’ve been dying to see if Windows 7 Starter Edition will run on my Netbook with an 8gb SSD hard drive. If not, I’ll just stick with Linux.

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