USB Flash Drives – Partition, Passport Protect, Recover

How to partition USB Drive?

 Lexar USB format interface

Lexar USB format is a freeware originally designed for partitioning Lexar USB drives, works with other pen drives as well. This tools allows to format, create a volume label and also set a (bootable) active partition. For multiple partitions, you need to select on the Flip Removable Bit and re plug to allow windows to see the USB device as a fixed disk, rather than removable media. RMB flipping will allow user to setup and use multiple partitions on the USB flash drive from Windows.

Download Lexar USB Format

How to password protect USB drive?

Rohos Mini Drive interface

Rohos Mini Drive is a free application for creating a password protected and hidden encrypted partition. Only the non encrypted and non hidden partition will appear when you plug in. The protected partition will appear only after you enter the right password in the portable ‘Rohos mini.exe’ app placed in the unprotected partition of your USB drive.

Download Rohos Mini Drive

How to recover deleted files from USB drives?

Recuva file recovery interface

Recuva is an excellent freeware utility to restore files that have been accidentally deleted, emptied from Recycle bin, deleted from USB flash drives, digital camera memory cards or MP3 players and also bugs, crashes or virus. You can resurrect missing files using either the file-recovery wizard or the application’s manual mode and provides very handful features.

Download Recuva

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