Black / Dark out Single Screen while using Dual Monitors

I have a XPS 1330 laptop and Samsung 650 series 40 inch 120Hz HDTV connected tohdtv connected to laptop home theater with XBOX 360. I use HDMI cables for connecting all these devices. Often, I use my HDTV as dual monitor for mostly entertainment purpose. I either use UltraMon or Display Fusion for extended capabilities like different wallpapers, taskbar while using dual monitor. When I’m playing some video from laptop on hdtv, I keep my laptop display completely black and while I’m playing some music through home theater connected to hdtv, like hdtv display blank. Below are some options, how to get the blank display.

– Use of small Black image
black image Create a very small black image ( fill with black color in mspaint ). Using our favorite Image Viewer, open that black image in Full Screen. My favorite IrfanView uses black background while displaying images by default. Now, you can move this IrfanView window with blank image to any monitor and make it full screen to blackout the screen.

– Use of RJL Software’s Black Screen Utility
RJL Software’s Black Screen is a small portable application to lock your desktop from unwanted users using a totally black screen or any image. Setup screen is launched first time where you can define the password. If you are not really using it as security app, I suggest to use ‘x’ or any other small. The only drawback is you can only make the primary monitor display black using this app. Download Blank Screen.

UltraMon Screen Saver Player

UltraMon Screen Saver Player is a free add-on to run a screen saver on a secondary monitor while you work on primary monitor. By default, it show a black screen and you can move it to either monitor and make it full screen. Remember, this only works if you have Ultramon installed. Download Screen Saver Player.

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