I’m a PC and I bing

bing logo No matter you’re a PC or MAC, you can bing too. lol.. enough. Bing is a new site in an attempt by Microsoft to sidestep the Internet search giants Google, Yahoo by claiming to provide a different service and experience.

Microsoft defines bing as “decision engine” that has intuitive tools to help customers make better decisions, focusing initially on four key vertical areas: making a purchase decision, planning a trip, researching a health condition or finding a local business.

Some things about bing, thing about bing.. lol..

  • Microsoft apparently plans to spend $80 to $100 million for promotional advertising. Google Search for Bing brings up Bing official ads.
  • Bing uses technology from Powerset (a search technology company Microsoft acquired), Farecast ( airfare pricing comparison site Microsoft acquired ) , Live Cashback, Maps

What people say about it.

You can also find out more about Bing at DiscoverBing.com/behindbing. Watch the below video to know what Bing does for you. It’ll officially launch on June 3rd.

Bing Search by Microsoft

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