Edison – Free Energy monitoring application

The PC Energy Report 2009 released by 1E.com has some interesting findings, In the US alone, over $2.8 billion of PC power is being wasted every year – usatoday.com , while in the UK it’s nearer £300 million and €918 million in Germany. Almost half of all employees who use computers at work typically do not power them down at the end of the working day. Download PC Energy Report US 2009

edison logoEdison is a free software that makes it easy for people to schedule when a PC goes into a low power consumption mode at home or at work. The Edison software doesn’t completely shut a computer off but rather moves it to a "suspend" state, which uses less energy. Edison InterfaceUsers can also schedule to shut down the screen and hard drive before going into suspend mode. This displays how much electricity you are saving, also translated into reductions in carbon dioxide emissions and dollar savings.

Edison is easy to use, download and install. It enables you to manage your PC’s power usage, save on energy costs, and help preserve the environment.

Download Edison for Vista and XP.

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