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What if the online email sites like Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo or any other is unavailable ( hacked, blocked, no Internet ) when it’s really required to check some old important email. It is always good to have an offline standalone email program running on your computer sync up all your online emails locally, which lets you work while the online site is unavailable.

Postbox is a new desktop email application that can handle RSS and newsgroup subscriptions. It helps users spend less time managing email and more time using email to get things done. You’ll want to have an email account with IMAP abilities to get the most from Postbox—in other words, to get back through your mail history and grab pictures, attachments, and the like. Gmail and Yahoo Plus users get automated setups, but any email account will do. What makes Postbox one of the best mail clients is

  • Postbox includes a powerful search tool that lets you use Gmail-style search terms and its ability to recognize what’s in your email.
  • Add to this to-dos, integrated search, social network integration, message annotation, tabbed browsing, and a high-security Mozilla foundation.
  • Simple tagging features let users organize messages the way they want and then focus on one project at a time without missing out on important new messages. Users can also gather messages by conversation, annotate messages and create to-do items that appear in mailbox windows.
  • To make these features work well, though, Postbox must index your mail. If you have a lot of mail, indexing the mail for the first time does take a little time

Download from :

tip : Change the default location where the email content is stored locally for easy backup in Tools > Account Setttings > Server Settings and in Local Directory path.

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4 Responses to “Best Free Mail Client Offline for Any Email Backup / Access”

  1. furstrated Says:

    This product looks like a early beta and appears to be from the people at Mozilla aka Firefox and Thunderbird. Looks very similar to Eudora email client that whose development ceased a couple of years ago. However Postbox still needs improvements in the GUI as its inteface is flat looking

  2. Frustrated Says:

    What happened to my original post where I commented on this application?

  3. was kinda late approving it.. but approved both now..

  4. Eudora pro (now free) has a very fast search engine.

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