Free Mail Client to Download Yahoo Mail Offline – No Pop3, Mail Plus

Yahoo Mail doesn’t offer Free Pop3 or IMAP access for offline use or backup purpose. Only Yahoo Mail Plus users ( $19.99 yearly ) get POP access which can be configured in Microsoft Outlook, thunderbird etc. Zimbra Desktop is a free mail client from Yahoo that lets you download Yahoo email or any other into your computer.

Zimbra Desktop is a free offline client that lets you manage your various email accounts in one desktop tool. Zimbra Desktop is an open source application maintained by Yahoo. Some key features of this tool are

  • Email, contacts, calendar, and documents all in one application
  • Syncs Zimbra, Yahoo! Mail and Gmail email, contacts and calendars
  • Supports any POP or IMAP email plus Free Yahoo! Mail, Yahoo Mail Plus, Gmail, AOL, Microsoft Live Account, Hotmail, MS Exchange Acct and Zimbra Web Accts.
  • Works on Windows, Apple, or Linux desktop computers
  • Automatically save pictures to Flickr
  • No limit to the size of your email storage
  • It works online and offline

Get Zimbra Desktop free email and collaboration client

Zimbra Desktop Interface.

After you download and install Zimbra Desktop, follow below instructions to setup your mail account. From Zimbra Desktop Web User Manual. Zimbra is kinda slow to load.

Make sure you are connected to the Internet.

  1. Open Yahoo! Zimbra Desktop and in the right top corner, click Account Setup.

If you already have accounts set up, click Add a New Account.

  1. Select the account to set up. The account setup page displays. Enter the following information.

    • Account Name. This is the name that displays as the account name in Yahoo! Zimbra Desktop. If you are setting up multiple accounts, be sure to create a name you can easily recognize to identify each account. For example, for your Yahoo! account, you could use Yahoo.

    • Your full name. Enter your name. This is not required.

    • Email Address. Enter your email address for this account.

    • Password. Enter the password that you enter to log into your account.

    • In Synchronization Settings, select how often Yahoo! Zimbra Desktop should get data from your account. The default is to synchronize every 15 minutes.

If you select manually, you must click Send/Receive on the toolbar to synchronize your account with the Zimbra server.

You can change this setting any time by clicking Account Setup; selecting the Account and then modify the setting.

  • Select which folders to synchronize from your mailbox

    • Email Messages in al folders or only in your Inbox

    • Calendar to synchronize all calendars (not available for Live Hotmail and AOL)

    • Contacts to synchronize all contacts and groups (not available for AOL)

  1. When you are finished, click Test & Save.

Yahoo! Zimbra Desktop validates your account information. If your account is successfully validated, you se the Service Created dialog. If your account is not successfully validated, you are returned to the Account Setup dialog so that you can review and correct the details.

Your account begins to synchronize with Zimbra Desktop.

  1. Click Launch Yahoo! Zimbra Desktop to open Yahoo! Zimbra Desktop. You can work in yahoo! Zimbra Desktop as your account is being synchronized.

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