Download Free Microsoft Security Essentials ( MSE ) Morro Anti Virus and Malware

Microsoft Security Essentials Microsoft’s free anti-malware officially known as Microsoft Security Essentials ( aka Morro ) is available for public to try. It is still in Beta stages and will hopefully release year end. MSE is the free antivirus/anti-malware product that is replacing Microsoft’s paid Windows Live OneCare subscription service. I was able to download this and will try this on my Windows 7 RC.

Microsoft is capping MSE downloads at 75,000 ( could change ) and its available for download now. Anyone in the U.S., Israel or Brazil who wants to try MSE on XP SP2, Vista or Windows 7 (Beta or Release Candidate) can grab the beta. The beta is restricted by country. The MSE beta will be available in 32- and 64-bit flavors.

How to get Microsoft Security Essentials BETA

To get the beta, just click here. This will take you to Microsoft Connect where you’ll answer a few questions and then be able to download the Security Essentials beta. [ via ZdNet Blogs ]

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