Download Ad Destroy 5.0 to remove all Ads on Latest Yahoo Messenger 9.x, 10.x

In the last post, Simple and Best Yahoo Messenger Ad Remover all versions, I have mentioned about A-Patch and Ad Destroy. Those versions didn’t support the latest Yahoo Messenger 9.x and pre builds of 10.x.

ShadowCorp released Ad Destroy 5.0 not only works until current stable Yahoo Messenger 9,0,0,2162 and upcoming pre builds 10,0,0,331. Yahoo started advertising in various locations of Yahoo Messenger including the status bar of IM windows. There should be an option to switch off the ads if we are not interested. Well, yahoo doesn’t provide that option and also states altering the product is breach of TOS.
Download Ad Destory 5.0

Launching the new Ad Destroy 5.0 will show the version of Yahoo Messenger installed, OS info, and list of available options below. Make sure you exited Yahoo Messenger and Check all you want to do and click Patch to do it’s work.

  • Remove AdvertisementsYahoo Messenger Ad Destroy 5.0
  • Enable Polygamy
  • Remove Chat Abuse Link
  • Disable Yupdater
  • Disable Smileys
  • Disable Audibles
  • Disable Buzz Sound
  • Disable PTP
  • Speed up Login
  • Fix Version String
  • Toggle Nicknames/ Usernames
  • Disable Address Book
  • Disable WordFilter

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