Display and Compare Google vs Bing Search Results Side by Side

If you are thinking, how Google.com search results compare against Bing.com results or want to checkout the new hype around bing.com, there’s a new site that can help you figure it all out to and to finalize your default search provider.

bing-vs-google homepage

Bing-vs-Google.com is a comparison site that shows the search results for a particular keyword in a split screen – bing on the left, Google on the right. It has a simple homepage with just a search box in the middle of the screen and a bit of text explaining what it’s all about. To use the site, all you have to do is enter in a query as usual and hit search. Using the links at the top, you can change the layout of the page to a horizontal split, if you so desire, or you can switch off one engine entirely and show just the one set of results.

bing vs google search results

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