Turn off Location Aware Browsing ( GeoLocation) feature in Firefox 3.5

Firefox 3.5 has a new feature Geo-Location or Location Aware Browsing that can tell websites where you’re located that you can find info that’s more relevant and more useful.

Flickr’s Map page uses the new geolocation tools in Firefox 3.5 to determine your location and then show your photos from other people in your area. Firefox only shares your location with sites you’ve approved to have access to it.  Firefox uses your IP address and nearby wireless access points to determine your location, which the browser can then relay to web sites for a more personalized browsing experience.

Location-Aware Browsing is always opt-in and No location information is ever sent without your permission. If you wish to disable the feature completely, please follow this set of steps:

  • In the URL bar, type about:config
  • Type geo.enabled
  • Double click on the geo.enabled preference
  • Location-Aware Browsing is now disabled

firefox disable geo-location

If you’ve given Firefox permission to always give your location to a site and later change your mind, you can easily revoke that permission. Here’s how:

  • Navigate to the site to which you’ve given permission
  • Go to the Tools menu, then select Page Info
  • Select the Permissions tab
  • Change the setting for Share Location

firefox page info geo-location

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