iPhone/Touch – iPron private web browser and Space Ninja Game Free Today

iDodge: Space Ninja iPhone game and iPrOn Private Browser iPhone App are available for free download today. These have very good reviews so far.

iPr0n Logo iPrOn Private Browser is cool way to hide your questionable browsing history on your iPhone or touch. It uses the same engine as Safari under the hood, but makes sure there are no features that could leave bits of your browsing history left behind. it can be quite a hassle to completely remove your browsing history from your iPod or iPhone. Clearing the history and cache in the settings is not quite enough. iPr0n iTunes Link

iDodge: Space Ninja iPhone game is an accelerometer based space game that takesSpace Ninja logo the shooting out of shooter and still delivers solid, difficult, and amazingly fun arcade action. Over 40 levels, with 5 challenge missions. You can save replays of epic moments you went through to show your friends. Gain medals by finishing stages without special abilities. Space Ninja iTunes Link ( if this link is not working, search for idodge)

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