Get Free UseNet Server Account from NewsgroupDirect

NewsgroupDirect Logo NewsgroupDirect is offering free UseNet account with 1GB/Month bandwidth usage. This is great deal for text-only readers who have ISPs that no longer offer the service at all. Most ISP still offer newsgroup access, make sure to check it out.

free UseNet AccountNewsgroup is like Rapidshare where people upload stuff to share with other people. The differences are:

  • You need a UseNet account (like free one here) and program ( Newsleecher is popular application) to download files on newsgroups.
  • The download speed is max limit of your connection. 1gb of file takes me about 5min. while it might take up to 30min on Rapidshare, depending traffic at that time.
  • Binaries articles (files) are not organized. It is like a dumpster.
  • Files uploading to a newsgroup is anonymous. Everyone can search and download.

UseNet usage is greatly reduced with Torrents and other P2P available in market now. UseNet started way before World Wide Web  came into existence. Maybe most people don’t know about it coz of the first rule of UseNet – Don’t talk about UseNet. ( as in Fight Club Movie ).

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