Get a Free US Number for Receiving Fax to Email for life unified messaging K7 Unified Messaging provides a free voicemail / fax toll-free number where you can receive fax and voicemail messages which will be forwarded to your email address. Simply complete the sign-up and you will be allocated a 10-digit Seattle phone number where people can send faxes or leave you voicemail messages.

You have the option to view and listen to your messages on the K7 Web site. Faxes to K7 numbers can be transmitted free from the internet from both Freefax and TPC .

Go to K7 web site or read the FAQ.

note: K7 number becomes inactive after 30+ days and then it will be terminated for non-use. You still will be able to register a new one but your number will be different.

tip to keep K7 account active : sign up for Bus Weekly newsletter here. Fill in the required info with your K7 fax number, and m

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