Nag Screen Killer for any app including Avira Antivir

Everyone gets annoyed with some of the free versions of commercial software that display messages like ‘Do you really want to exit’, nag screens that popup with a countdown timer and browser popups. ClickOff is a free windows app that may kill off some of those annoying nag screens and provides below list of features:

  • Automatically clicks button on error messages that come up all the time.
  • Fills in text
  • Closes browser popups
  • Minimizes or maximizes windows
  • Delay times can be set to allow user intervention
  • Single entries can be disabled temporarily
  • False clicks are avoided by taking the message text into the proccess of detecting.
  • To close windows that contain certain words, wildcards can be used
  • The scanning speed can be set
  • Can be disabled for a short period or permanently without having to be exited.
  • Has very low system resource needs, takes about 1 sec. to load and doesn’t slow down the system while running.
  • Simple usage through hotkey support
  • Has language file support

ClickOff Interface

To configure ClickOff to automatically press a button, position the cursor over the button and hit the special hotkey combination.  You can also enter the button text explicitly if you wish. When entering the text for a button, use the & sign after a letter to indicate an underscore for that letter. So for Cancel you have to enter C&ancel

Download from [ 321KB ]

note: this tool will help you kill the nag screen for Avira Antivir, for other options read this.

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One Response to “Nag Screen Killer for any app including Avira Antivir”

  1. Easy peasy – but be careful.

    We need to get to Reg Edit.
    navigate to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run

    then we double click on avgnt (in the right pane) then we add -:


    at then in of the data string in place of


    REMEMBER it’s avgnt we are altering and nothing else!!!!

    This is for XP, the string is slightly different in Vista – do a Google for ‘Avira nag screen’.

    That is the way I’ve done it on my computer

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