AVG 9 Antivirus Software Free Download

AVG Anti-virus AVG Anti-Virus released the new version AVG 9 Free Edition 9.0 which is compatible with the three latest generations of the Windows operating system (Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7). According to the developers at AVG, the scan speed has been increased and the resource usage lowered. It not only features an antivirus module but also modules for detecting spyware, basic rootkit protection, email and phishing protection as well as the AVG Linkscanner to provide safety ratings for websites.

Free support is available from other AVG users in our dedicated forum at forums.avg.com/avg-free-forum

AVG 9 Free is available for download [ 71.2 MB ] at the AVG website.

AVG 9 Free interface

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  1. One of the best free anti virus I ever use. 9 out of 10 .Love it : )

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