Create (Avatarize) yourself into Avatar Movie Character image

James Cameroon in the movie Avatar introduced us to completely new imaginative species Na’vi. Without much effort and Photoshop skills, you can now transform yourself ( avatarize) into a movie character.

Just go to and click Upload to choose your personal photo passport size and let the action begin. You can share it on facebook directly or save the image to your desktop. Below are my avatar – happy and angry.

sankeerth avatar happy sankeerth avatar angry

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8 Responses to “Create (Avatarize) yourself into Avatar Movie Character image”

  1. Every time I try this, my windows vista ultimate shuts down! Help!


  3. @ Cristina – Just tried and the link works. Go to and wait for the flash plugin to load.

  4. It doesn’t work : Sorry but Avatarize Yourself is no longer available. Thank you for visiting us.

  5. Link’s dead. But here’s a working one:

  6. it says it is no longer available

  7. This website looks good but after I do the points on my face the processing gets stuck. 1st time it froze on 80%, then at 64%.

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