Free Security Software to protect Laptop from theft

LAlarm logo LAlarm is a free Windows application that uses the USB port or power port of your laptop as a sensor to detect when your laptop is in danger of being stolen. LAlarm consists of seven alarms and other security functions designed to protect laptops, sensitive data and laptop users.

Download and Install LAlarm. You’ll find it can perform a variety of tasks if your laptop is unplugged from its power cable or the wall, or if the USB drive—which you would needLAlarm - lock to table to use a strap to secure to something—is removed from the USB port. It also has customizable options like Disk space alarm, Battery Alarm, Mobile Phone SMS Alert, Data Recovery and Destruction etc. 

See below interesting support notes about how LAlarm can be used.

  • How to lock down a laptop to a table
  • How to configure a laptop to self-destruct
  • How to recover data before self-destruction
  • How to receive an alert to a mobile phone
  • How to enhance laptop security
  • How to setup security perimeter for laptops
  • How to recover data on stolen laptop

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