Download Touchpad Gesture Software for Windows

Scrube Logo Synaptics Scrybe adds Touchpad gestures and other features to Windows XP, Vista and 7 OS. Most of the Dell, IBM, Gateway, ACER come with Synaptics Touchpad, all of you can install this firmware update with Gesture Suite 9.4, if you have the right Synaptics trackpad. Scrybe is optimized for multi-touch TouchPads, but also supports existing single-touch TouchPads.

By drawing symbols and performing actions, users can open and control some applications. For example, you can highlight a word within a browser and then draw a question mark to initiate a search query. You can configure these gesture symbols, create new gestures to play a movie, go to favorite website and lot more. You’ll need to learn these gestures the first time but will make your life easier later.

Download from here  and enjoy.

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