Hack to Bypass Verizon Droid ( Android OS) Screen Lock

Verizon Droid Screen Unlike other phones which use four digit PIN for lock, Google Android OS based phones use a pattern drawn out of 3 by 3 square for lock. It is very simple to hack into Verizon’s Motorola Droid phone ( running version 2.0.1 OS ) bypassing this pattern lock. This is not working in other Android phones – Verizon Droid Eris or Google’s Nexus One.

On Droid, select the “Back” icon during the incoming call and you can enter the “Home” screen without being asked for the unlock pattern. You now have full access to applications and data until the call ends or you select “Home” icon. So, anyone who knows your phone number and access to your physical phone can hack into. [ via ]

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6 Responses to “Hack to Bypass Verizon Droid ( Android OS) Screen Lock”

  1. You must first answer the incoming call, AND THEN select the “Back” icon.

  2. racer rae rae Says:

    After you’re in with this bypass, you can, if connected to WiFi, add another google account. Next, hang up on the call, then, use the new google account to defeat the pattern unlock.

    Then change the pattern– you’re in!

  3. Yup I have 2 accounts on mine and I can use ether to unlock. So yeah if u got wifi u can create another and a password and use that. Although I wouldn’t advise stealing someones Droid just to try it. Everyone has the where’s my Droid app or one like it. Once the real owner finds out its missing and they show up to get it back it may not be good.Lol.

  4. foxybandmom Says:

    I did this for 3 min… it did not work, uugghhh!!!! Hard reset for me! Darn

  5. AndroidFTW Says:

    I have a LG Optimus GT540. Is it the same bypass procedure for every Android phone because no matter how many times i press the Back key during a call it won’t take me to the Home screen!!! Help!!!!!

  6. ok so i have the htc desire prepaid and my son locked it tomany failed attemps on pattern it was the gmail and password to get in it but neither one of us know it or if we did set it up we dont remember i can request password or username but not both i cant reset the phone by a incomming call cuz the phone dont have mins on it till i get paid but i cant use the internet or access my numbers or or nething how to do it or get a hold of google to reset it

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