23andMe DNA Testing – Promo Code $200 off discount

23andMe logo 23andMe is a biotech company that allows its users to better understand their own genetic information including ancestry, genealogy, and inherited traits by analyzing there DNA for a free. For researchers and scientist, the company could provide invaluable amounts of neatly categorized and easily searchable data. In 2008, Time magazine named 23andMe’s DNA-testing service "Invention of the Year" for pioneering retail genomics. The ancestry edition costs $399 and the health edition costs $429, click below link to get $200 off each. Works via link and not coupon code. This special link works until March 31, so hurry.

23andMe discount

This is pretty interesting service that can show you a lot about your Global origin, Ancestral Lineage, Find relatives through relative finder, Disease risk, Drug response and many more. For a native of India, not sure how much info it has for me. But this service always amused it. Know how it works https://www.23andme.com/howitworks/

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2 Responses to “23andMe DNA Testing – Promo Code $200 off discount”

  1. This code no longer works. Use code Q4D7KF to get $400 off instead. Lasts until 11/25.

  2. Is there a new discount code for 23 and me? Q4D7KF no longer works.



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