Free Auto VIN Report Check for wrecked, flooded or stolen in US

National Insurance Crime Bureau made it mandatory for insurance companies to share the vehicle identification numbers, or VINs, of cars that are declared a total loss. This will effectively end title washing, in which auto resellers purchase cars with titles branded "salvage," "flood" or "junk," fix them up them and outfit them with new, clean titles obtained from different states. The free information source is updated instantly and covers about three-quarters of wrecked vehicles, alerting potential buyers of theft and flood claims. Try VINCheck (free but limited to five inquiries per day) . via msn

For more detailed reports, use below

National Motor Vehicle Title Information System($2.50, through aligned vendors)carfax logo

Carfax’s Vehicle History Report (single report $24.99, 10 reports $29.99, unlimited use for $34.99

autocheck logo

Experian’s AutoCheck Vehicle History Report (single report $19.99, 60-day unlimited use $24.99

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