Full Version KeyLemon Free Download with License – Face Recognition Login Software

KeyLemon Logo Chip Online Magazine is running a promotion and offering KeyLemon for free for limited period. It costs 19.95$ otherwise. This has been designed to work on Windows XP Sp2/Sp3, Windows Vista and Windows 7. There is no Mac OS version yet. To get the software, do below to get Activation Key for KeyLemon software with unlimited support/updates for version 2.x

KeyLemon Interface KeyLemon is a simple solution to log on to your personal Windows account by using your face. If you computer has multiple users the software automatically logs you into the right Windows account. When you leave the computer, it will automatically lock it and then unlock it when you are back.

KeyLemon works as a password manager for popular internet sites. When you connect to a website (Facebook, Twitter and / or LinkedIn), KeyLemon automatically logs you into your account by using your face.

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5 Responses to “Full Version KeyLemon Free Download with License – Face Recognition Login Software”

  1. DUDE!
    thank you sooo much
    you actually need to google search http://www.keylemon.com/chip-promotion/?id=bsl
    and click on cached and it works!!!!

  2. i want one of the yahoo game the name of the game is snail mail ……… i want the full unlimited version for free but in yahoo i got to pay could i get the unlimited version for free through you’ll you can mail me at sweetprincess096@gmail.com thanks alot if you can do so and even if you can’t please message that u can’t do so thank you

  3. this web doesnot get open or is blocked

  4. this are real cool

  5. thank u…………

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