Easy tips to get free Dropbox storage 1GB+ more space without coupon referral

dropbox logoDropbox is a file hosting service which enables users to store ( with history, different folder types ) and share files and folders with others across the Internet using file synchronization across different operating systems Windows, MAC, Linux, iOS, Android. Drop comes with 2GB free plan, you can very easily get additional storage up to another 8GB totally 10GB for free.

Watch this great video which shows the power of Dropbox. Must Watch and proceed with other tips to get additional storage.

DropBox : Setup and Use
  • Complete ‘Dropbox tour’ under the Getting Started tab (free 250MB)
  • Referral program (free 250 MB/referral upto 8GB) – Invite friends to join or start sharing nice content and send invitation to access, will signup to grab it.

Another 768MB from Social Media Sites https://www.dropbox.com/free

  • Connect your Twitter account to Dropbox using above link (free 128 MB)
  • Connect your Facebook account to Dropbox using above link (free 128 MB)
  • Follow Dropbox on Twitter using above link (free 128 MB)
  • Send Dropbox feedback using above link (free 128 MB)
  • Post a Facebook status update about Dropbox using above link (free 128 MB)
  • Tweet regarding about Dropbox (free 128 MB)

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