Full Version DivX Plus 8.0 Pro free Download with serial

NewEgg.com, the online electronic store, is offering DivX Plus Software 8.0 Pro free download with serial. In the bundle – you get the Codec, Converter, Desktop Player and Web Player. Though the codec and player are free, the converter normally costs 9.99 otherwise.

free divx pro download newegg

DivX Plus 8 is an easy to use suite of utilities, including a desktop player, a converter, a Web player, and the codec pack to handle the content. It comes with all to play and create DivX, AVI, & MKV videos on your computer and in your web browser. DivX Plus Software also enables you to easily convert your videos to DivX, AVI, & MKV in one simple step. The player is specially designed to maximize the appearance and audio of high-definition video. It makes it easier to transfer content to DiVX certified DVD players or Blu-ray players (or the PS3). If you’re looking to optimize videos for the platform on which they will be played, the DivX converter will come in handy. The DivX codec comes in handy if you want to view HD videos with other media players, such as Windows Media Player, while the Web player is exactly what it sounds like: an online plug-in that lets you stream HD videos.

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